Do you think that we're getting back together?

Hi guys,
I've been in love since day one with this particular guy, we were together a year ago, but then we broke up, but since we were so in love, we couldn't stay apart, so we started acting like a couple again and expressing our feelings to each other without really being a couple.
7 months ago, we had too many difficult times, so we got away from each other again (actually he disappeared after me telling him to go away since I was so tired of him hurting me over and over again) and we didn't talk much nor see each other much since then.
This week, we started talking again, and believe me when I say that we still can talk to each other like we will never be able to talk to anyone else. Well, we still in love with each other, but he said that he doesn't wanna have feelings because feelings hurt and that he doesn't want me to get closer since I am chaos to his thoughts and that I can influence his decisions easily but he doesn't want that since he has to take some decisions about his life and the person he wanna be. we both believe that there's a connection between us that will never let us get disconnected, and so I did tell him when he asked about what I was thinking about what he has said.
After this conversation, when I tried to put my head against his shoulder he moved and said that it was time for us to go. But then he gave me his hand to help me stand and when I took it he didn't let go. After this, I asked him for a hug, the last one, he hugged me and put his head against mine, and when we broke apart, he didn't remove his hand from my shoulder, his eyes were so bright, his face so soft, and he was smiling and talking in a sweet low voice. And then, I asked him to go because of the idiot I am (well, actually I felt bad forcing his feelings out of him after him saying he doesn't want them).
So, what do you think guy? what should I do? should I let him go? or should I fight for the love of our lives and get him risking him losing himself?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Hmm not sure what the problems are he has to face, but you should let him know that he doesn't have to face them alone, you're there for him


Most Helpful Girl

  • You should ask yourself, does he make u happy? I see u mention that you've been hurt in the past? Will that change going forward or do u foresee this pattern repeating itself. Baby girl ur happiness comes first regardless of what people normally say. Do what makes you happy


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What Guys Said 1

  • well ! stand with each other, and try to face both of your life problems with the help of each other.
    and never forget to trust in god !


What Girls Said 1

  • if you love him you have to fight for him!


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