Do you think that your ex need to know that you are broken?

What do you think guys? i really need your opinion!

when you just broke up with your ex bc he/she dumped your or whatever, do you think that your ex need to know how broken u are? or is that really stupid. my friends said that he doesn't need to know how sad and broken i am. That's why i only post nice and fun things on social media, but bc of that i seem the person who is very happy and doesn't care about the breakup at all which is TOTALLY NOT the case. I am worried that my ex would think that. but i really want to let him know how much he hurted me.. why? because to be honest i really want him feel terrible and regret by dumping me.. i really want to say to him "i hope that in the future no one will hurt you like you did to me'..

but the other side it sounds so pathetic.. and he could think 'hm okay well u are really pathetic am glad that i broke up with you'..


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  • No. They are not a part of your life anymore and it's not their responsibility to deal with your feelings. You need to work on getting over the relationship yourself. Spending time and energy lamenting publicly is not really going to help you. Work on figuring out why it didn't work and what you can try to do better next time.

    • well it didn't work because he felt that i am not the one and because he compared our relationship with his ex, he said it "feels different..", and he thinks that our relationship is not the relationship what he wants..

      it's just so hard to move on.. :(
      i just think that he has the right to know how much he hurted me.. I don't know tho
      i am so confused..

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    • thanks you are right, if things were really good then he wouldn't break up with me..

      but honestly i think he knows he hurt me but i don't think he knows that he hurted me that bad, i already write things down, and ask advices from my friends and it really helps a little bit, but i don't know, the temptation to text him how i feel is so big.. especially when i saw him today, e waved too me, and i waved back, i was in shock i didn't expect to saw him there you know.. and when i saw him, all the memories with him came up.. on the other hand we broke up as 'friends' so why not telling him right? or is it a bad idea..

      just want to text him like "pls don't respond on this text message, i just can't keep it to my self anymore, i really needed to let you know how i feel.. (and then i tell him how i truly feel)"
      pls slap me in the face if this is really a bad idea

    • by the way i texted him 1 week ago just asked how he is doing, he said he was doing fine, and asked me back how i am doing, and he said that he saw me with a friend of mine but the conversation was really dry you know, it ended quickly.. and now i want to text him again u know like i said tell me how i feel, but my mother said that i shouldn't do it bc now he is the one now who needs to make an effort to text me first...

      but its not about who text first right, i mean yeah she has a point, but the tempation to text him is just soo big..

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  • It doesn't matter what your ex thinks about you, nor does it matter for that person to know how broken you are. The past is the past, and it's best to move forward to the future.

  • No, he needs to be forgotten


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  • No. Some of those bitches would get off on that knowledge, the rest wouldn't give a fuck.


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