Can I approach my ex, would it be a right option or she would not consider my feelings?

we broke up for some vague reason, she told me that we can't write anymore for the time and maybe we can write later again, but it's been 3 years and I'm losing hope.


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  • It depends on the kind of girl she is. My Ex-girlfriend and I are in good terms, however some girls are petty and try to break off ties completely. If she hasn't gotten over it after three years, then unfortunately she probably won't get over it until well into her adult life once she had objectively reflected

    • should I text her or wait if she text me someday?

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    • It means that she likely just said that in order to not hurt your feelings. Personally I would go ahead and text her. I would rather know if she wants to talk or not, rather than be in the dark

    • thanks bro

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