I guess it's over?

all this week my boyfriend and i are arguing about the most redecules things... like what's that dress... oooo no your ass is too much in this jeans (tho i am a thin girl)... oooo no don't get out without i allow you... oooo no you got out and you didn't took the car now it's your fault that boys will tell you filthy words... and you like it don't you bitch?"
it kills me inside and whenever i try to talk to him about it he gets really nervous and he threats me that he's gonna go and get another girl... these days it's so rare to jear an "i love you from him"... but tho we sticked tougher as always
today i really appologize but i couldn't take no more
he really hurted me saying that i am a slut (i appologize for this kind of words ) and that he can never marry a "fucking slut bitch" ... and that he was only playing aroud with me only to pass time that he hated me and all is just over between us... and that he hate everything about me...+ that he told me:"i will never marry a dirty girl like you i will marry '''''( this girl his mom suggested for him 3 years earlier ) and that she's rich and beautiful and well educated... not a slut like you "
he hong up... then blocked me on Facebook
to your informations dear helpers... my boyfriend somtimes block me on Facebook then deblock me after 5 min or 30 min max... tho he always asults me over stupid things
today he blocked then didn't deblocked me
i am heartbroken. ... lost and feel awful tho i didn't do anything wrong but trying to communicate with him about how much he hurts me when he say this kind of words to me
PS: it's been 4 years almost 5 that my boyfriend and i have been together i really love him tho it kills me to say it in such a situation
so i need something some kind of plan or idea to make him beg for me...+ i'll do anything it takes just tell me what to do but no break up ok?
i will not talk to him for a month...2 months... make him jalous... anything please
help me :(


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  • ''it's been 4 years almost 5 that my boyfriend and i have been together i really love him''

    Notice how every single woman in an abusive and unhealthy relationship says exactly the same thing. Your problem is within, but probably began when you were a child. You do not love yourself, you do not know what love is and you are addicted to the traumatic behavior you get from being with this guy and are mistaking the chemicals produced from the stress, abuse and emotional taunting for love.

    This is EXACTLY the same thing that I've seen almost every single girl say that has / is in an abusive relationship.

    If you are not willing to leave him then there is nothing anyone can do to help you. It's as simple as that.


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  • Yes, it's over. Please let it be over. Block him, go be with your friends and GTFO. If you know any of his friends, confide in then so they can help keep him out of your life. Restraining order.

    Just. Don't. Go. Back.

    • but i want to... why not?

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    • Also, from your previous posts, this isn't new. There are people on here telling you again and again... Girl, it's time to listen before you get really hurt, or sent to the hospital. You know why you cut? Probably because you hurt so much and can't release it through normal means.

      Your own body is telling you a story. A story of hurt and sorrow and dependency. Your addicted to him, and he's winning. It's time to fight back. Get control again. Learn new coping methods. Get help. If no one will help you, help yourself.

      You're number one. You'll always be number one in your life. Don't let him take that from you.

    • oh my god yeah... you're right
      thank you so muuuuuuuch
      yeah i will be number one

  • You were dating a insecure abusive little bitch. Be glad it's over because NO relationship should be like this. Don't go back to this relationship despite if he wants to hook up.

  • I've never felt anything save for familial love, so what I say may be hard for you. You don't need to go back to that guy. 1) He is likely insecurr, and tries to assert a dominance of his to give himself a feeling of control (since he can't control his feelings, he can control others). 2) He insults you and not in a playful way. Usually there is a your a facial language that tells if a person is upset or not, and he can't seem to read that. 3) He is impulsive. Similar to the name calling but he jumps at you at random and you can't tell when he is angry or not. Like I said, I don't know how love works, however I believe you should truly consider dropping him out of your life. I am also truly sorry that you are having to deal with this in your life. You shouldn't have to focus on this, you already have your hands full with adult hood


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