My Ex boyfriend is psycho?

Mssd my ex on Ig because we had a messy break up and I felt he was immmature and lack of empathy he said I was over dramatic and we didn't click like that & he feels his ex who he married is the one for him that's fine mind you we broke up 4 weeks ago !

I felt he was cold hearted and dismissive and he used me and I was owed an apology. His wife messages this is not her first time jumping in our convos. I blocked her he blocks me unblocks me the following morning and follows me? I didn't realize how coo coo he was !! Is he doing for a reaction. I can block him I realize that's a form of controlling the situation or I can just not care since he wants to follow me i just want to move on !


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  • my advice is block all you can and have no contact, you are just a pawn in their game so dont allow it and move on from their negative energy xx

    • Yea I'm like who does this like what are you getting out of playing games

    • hunny I've had an ex after six months still at abuse regularly... xx

    • Miserable

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