How do I get over him?

I've been broken up with my ex for 6 months already, and I still can't move on! I've tried talking to other guys but nobody can compare to my ex. I've wasted half of my 10th grade year upset over him, while he already moved on. What do I do? I'm tired of being sad over some boy..


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  • Well understand if he really cared he wouldn't have moved on. There is so much more to worrying about a douchebag. But yeh. I wouldn't even think of him.

    • I get that, and trust me, I don't want him to feel the way I do right now. I'm happy he moved on, I just want to do the same..

    • Yeh. Then get out. Enjoy life. Worry less. Care for yourself. Find a hobby. Join a club, join a sport. Don't dwell. Worrying is probably like most of the problem. Don't worry about falling in love again. Understand its a way of life and people come and go. (this is helping me in a similar situation. So thank you.)

    • Haha honestly I need to get a hobby. I'm sure it'll help!
      Thank you friend, and I hope you'll be okay with your situation as well. ❤️

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  • try not to think about him. the more you think of him, the stronger the feelings are. everytime he pops into your head, distract yourself with something else. get a hobby, try to busy yourself all the time, preferably with the things you love to do. it will take some time, but it will work


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