My ex boyfriend lied about being with other girls? Advice? What do I do about my parents if I want him back?

My now ex boyfriend of 9 months and I had been fighting a lot the past couple of months. It was bad because I was so depressed and releasing all my anger on him and everyone.
I was unhappy with life and unhappy about the relationship because I don't have many friends , so just having him made the relationship hard.
We tried breaking up twice and the last time he said he knew he was making me depressed.
I said no.

So over spring break he lied and said he cheated. And then when I said I might forgive him, he said he cheated on 3 other girls.

Apparently after I broke up with him, he tried killing himself because not only did he lose me but he was unhappy himself. He was severely depressed too.

I found out it was a life because his coworker and roommate told me he lied so we would break up and I would get better mentally because he knew my depression was really bad and if he didn't like, I would never leave him.

And he's right, I would never break up with him because I love him so much.

What do I do?
He doesn't know I know yet.
My parents know he cheated but I haven't told them it was all a fucked up lie.

Will they ever forgive him?


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  • This relationship is extremely toxic and you need to let it go immediately. I know it wouldn't be easy and I've been through something similar recently. Not as intense but I lost myself, happiness, and friends. At the time, he treated me horribly. He was my ex with no intent on getting back with me but didn't want to let me go either. i won't go into details but basically, I tried making excuses for him constantly. When he wouldn't give me what I wanted, I'd want to leave but that was the one time he'd try. It wasn't consistent. I used to live in a fantasy world... fell in love with the potential and that was my biggest mistake. I wanted to fix things, he didn't. So I'd try harder and harder until it got unbearable. Love doesn't hurt. Love isn't manipulating. Love isn't toxic. Anything along those lines isn't love.


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    He's toxic! He WANTED to hurt you by telling you the cheating thing! You both need help before you can consider being together

  • Why would you care about your parents forgiving him or even about taking him back? He lied and told you one of the most heartbreaking things you can tell your spouse just so you could breakup. if he really wanted to end things because of your mental health specifically and for the goal of you getting better , he'd tell you. Lying about cheating is the opposite of helping your mental health and he knows this. my advice is to cut communication with this guy and focus on yourself , why go and try and get him back? he's not worth it


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