Are girls much more shallow than guys?

It seems to be an accepted idea in society that nowadays guys are much more shallow in what they want in a partner but from what I noticed, that seems completely untrue although yes there are exceptions but I'm speaking in the majority

1.Guys love all sizes of girls boobs from large to small

2.The average normal size penis isn't good enough anymore, girls all want huge d***s.

3.Girls want a guy to have his foreskin chopped off to be acceptable to them

4.Guys love to give oral to their girl.

5.Girls don't like giving oral as much to their guy

6.Girls would love if their girlfriend was a virgin.

7.Girls would rather have an experienced guy

8.Guys wouldn't care if a girl had past experience with boyfriends

9.Girls will think that if a guy hasn't had a girlfreind than he is a loser.

If you can prove me wrong than please do so!

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10. Shy guys are out of look, Girls only like confident Guys and wouldn't seriously consider someone shy for a relationship11. Guys think shy Girls are cute12. If a Guy cries, Girls see them as a wuss while if a Girl cries, Guys would feel for her


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  • yes, girls expect more from us guys than we expect from them.


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What Girls Said 2

  • No, I don't think girls are much more shallow than guys. There's probably an equal amount of "shallowness" in both genders. Over generalizations are always deceptive. Seems like you had some really unfortunate experiences with women.

  • 1. Most guys don't care about the breast size as long has they have some.

    2. A huge d*** is a turn off (To me personally) 5-7 inch is good enough.

    3. Sure being circumcise is cleaner and less risk to other diseases.. But it doesn't and shouldn't matter if they love the guy..

    4. They want their girl to feel pleasure that they are giving to them

    5. Some girls may not like it but they want their guy to feel good.. (I don't like giving oral at all but my guy like it then so be it.)

    6. Why would girls love if their girlfriends were a virgin?

    7. We don't want it to be awkward in bed but then again we kinda do want a virgin so it's special for the both of us.

    8. I'm sure they do.. Guys may want to know what her past boyfriend did so he doesn't wanna do the same mistakes her ex did.. But no one is perfect.

    9. Nope, I will just think that a guy has more important things to worry about than getting a girl.

    10. He'll be confident if he ask us out.

    11. Yeah.. Most guys think so.

    12. If I see a guy cry then he isn't afraid of expressing his emotions. But then it depends what he's crying about too.

    A guy can be more shallow than the next girl. Vice versa.

    • I was writing this based on the majority not everyone, your one of the not so shallow girls. a cut d*** is not cleaner, there is no evidence to support this, american women are brainwashed by society into thinking this outside the u.s it will be rare to find a guy that is uncut which is not for religious purposes.

What Guys Said 2

  • It's really hard to say girls are more shallow than guys. The level of "shallowness" if you will, varies from person to person. You have some girls who won't go for anything less than the typical 6-pac rich yatta yatta on the other side you have the guys who want nothing less than the 36-24-36. It just depends on the person.

  • 2 words, one easy answer... hell naw. Itz about even...


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