What if I made a big mistake?

I met this guy few years ago, but we started talking last summer after one festival.. We talked every single day, all day about EVERYTHING.. We got to know each other really well and we became really close after a few months.. We've been out a couple of times.. Then, around New Year, he told me he has feelings for me but I wasn't sure if my feelings were strong enough to get into a relationship with him and I let him know that, so we continued talking and ever since, my feelings for him were stronger so we got into a relationship.. It was good, he bought some presents, we went out and I felt nice but from the beginning it felt like we were just friends who would make out twice a week. I didn't feel like we were actually together, even though he was saying all the time how he fell for me hard, how he's in love with me, but I didn't feel it.. I knew he cared but I didn't feel what he was saying he feels.. We talked about that but nothing changed.. Eventually my feelings started to fade and after two months I broke up and it was on good terms.. We didn't fight, cry or anything like that, just calmly broke up.. Ever since (it's been a month) I have a feeling of regret, but it fades away after some time then comes back again and I'm worried if I made a mistake or I should've done this and just let myself to get over this.. He was my first boyfriend by the way.. Do you have any thoughts on this, maybe similar experiences to share, anything? Thanks :)


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  • I think it's a typical thing to happen after any breakup, but especially after the first relationship that you've ever had.
    My sister experienced similar, so I will tell you what told her.
    You can't push love, no matter how "perfect" it seems to be, so you did the right thing to let him go. Better now than after several years, or marriage, or children.
    You will find someone. :)

    • Yeah, I guess you're right.. Thank you :) Oh, I hope so..

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