Need some tips on backing off, help?

Posted few days ago about a guy I been seeing, told him I liked him but he wanted to be friends 1st, I went into friend mode but he started flirting and I couldn’t turn it off, and he tried ending things about a week ago. We talked things out yesterday and we had a real conversation this time oppose to just silly stuff. He seemed pleased that we were serious and he finally saw a serious side of me for once, but still wanted to just be friends for now, we then ate lunch together but he paid for it which I didn’t expect since we weren’t dating. We hugged and he said that he would like to still hang out but I don’t alone like that unless I want more, but he suggested one of my friends, whom he has talked to though he got annoyed with her at one point but she’s with someone.

Thinking about backing off, not like completely since we are still friends, but wasn’t sure how to I guess. Like should I just not start convos with him online? I know I should get out more but I am kind of still sad about it so I don’t feel like doing much right now, said I was inexperienced and sheltered which I only dated one guy and my mom kept me home most of the time till my parents separated. We did meet on a dating site, so after the talk I updated my profile on there and been on there more to kind of show me moving on. Just don’t want to show that I’m still waiting around for him.
Need some tips on backing off, help?
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