How to fully move on forever from an ex boyfriend I still love, miss and slept with before?

I slept with him when we were dating and now ever since then I can't seem to move on! I still think about him and miss him sometimes and I even find myself thinking about him late at night all depressed wanting to call him. I do miss him during the day sometimes too though. But I find it often at night. I get these urges to cry like right now. And currently it's after 2am. And it sucks because last year in March he broke up with me and went back with his on again off again ex girlfriend and she's horrible and jealous of me, she's a bitch too, and she doesn't want me talking to him. What do I do and how do I move on forever?
I also forgot to add that I have a crush on someone that I can't be with right now, but that's nothing because I can't be with her.


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  • when i got dumped i still liked the gal that dumped me. but then I tried hating her instead and it worked. say to yourself you don't deserve to be dumped by a prick like that. think about yourself first hand

    • Thank you. I'll have to try that.

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    • I don't know. it depends on you. I always blamed myself for everything so i had an extremely low self esteem. but then I became so fed up with it so I started blaming everyone else. if you care about yourself first hand you will do good. it's just wasted calories worrying about stuff you can't change. so change your view on it instead to make you feel better about it 😊😉

    • I think I'll probably be the same as you. I don't think my self esteem is the highest. I do kinda care about myself but I don't know how much. I don't think that much.

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  • You may need some new friends in your life. Perhaps take up a new activity. Bowling league? Arts & Crafts? Canoeing? If you are feeling lonely, new friends can help ease that. To get new friends, start by trying to get new acquaintances.

  • Find a new D...

    • How do I do that?

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    • I need to be more sociable somehow. I don't know how. How can I be more sociable? Right now I'm living in a motel with no work, no school, no nothing. Just in the motel all day. That's true.

    • well start by getting a job, you can meet people there and bring in money. Then you can think about school.

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