Should I go back to my ex boyfriend?

he's got a good job, makes ton of money but every time we talk he wants to see me naked? and he doesn't drive out to see me often unless he's got something to do. we live far apart.

he has communication problems and doesn't want to have children and I do. we've been talking for months and we flirt, sext each other but not much else. I don't have a car so I can't see him often. doesn't this seem impossible? but he says he doesn't want me for sex so what does he want?


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What Guys Said 1

  • You seem a little too hungup on his career and earnings. So what happens if you do go back to him, the market crashes and he loses his job? You gonna leave him then? Guys are sexual beings, he obviously enjoys seeing you naked. I'd suggest trying to develop more conversation to improve his communication with you.

    • Yeah conversation is ok. but he doesn't talk much and I talk a ton? there are other issues as well. I know he likes me but yeah it seems like he isn't a good match but I care about him, I dunno

    • You didn't discuss either point I made about you possibly being interested in his career and earnings a little too much, or about his interest in you naked and his needs. So I'm going to assume you aren't really all that great with communication yourself.

What Girls Said 1

  • He doesn't want to have children and you do? That's a deal breaker right there, even without the fact that he doesn't drive out to see you often unless he's got something to do, that he has communication problems and that you sext but not much else. You have to answer to yourself whether you can overlook these things and just focus on the fact that he has money or you want to look for someone who might not have so much money, but might be a better match for you.


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