A girl suddenly stopped talking to me?

I don't know why she is not replying my messages if I text her she only sends a sticker or hardly reply my messages are seen but she didn't reply I don't why she is doing this kind of thing and now I m not texting her coz of self respect... please suggest me what should I do


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  • She may just be busy, she might be working, have other things going on, etc. But, if this is happening more and more frequently, I think you shouldn't put effort into keeping in contact with this girl.
    If she enjoyed talking with you, and appreciated your company, she wouldn't read your messages and not reply. Nor would she jot down a quick, one word answer and leave it at that.

    A proper friendship, relationship, and conversation takes two parties to keep it going. If one isn't committing their effort, or trying to keep the texting alive, than there's no reason you should either.
    She may just not be interested. Some girls just cut all contact when they decide someone's not for them, and leave them figure it out themselves.
    Don't waste your time anymore.
    Find someone new to talk with who is more willing to chat and more interested.

  • How long has this been going on?


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