Is it OK to never be friends with an ex?

Or, is it a sign of holding on to old grudges or a lack of maturity?


Most Helpful Girl

  • It's not lack of maturity.
    As long as you don't behave rudely towards her, you are fine. In fact you are mature.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Its OK.
    Some people are fine with it, some aren't. Its not a sign of holding grudges or immaturity, some people just dont see a need to stay friends and move on completely.


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  • Depends on the ex lol and the situation... although I'm still nice and cordial to all my exs regardless but that's my own personal ethics and morals. but I'm not friends with all of them and there's at least two I will never be friends with but I'll be nice when they reach out every year :/


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