Why would an ex drive by my house, when he supposedly is dating someone new?

ex keeps driving by my apartment..why?! he has a new girlfriend..so why would he be doing that?


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  • Maybe because he knows you'd freak out about it and post the same question on this website 4 minutes apart from one another.

    • Lol..pressed send on original question that I was editing and both versions popped up lol sorry..but anyways why does he drive by my house last time he followed me when I was driving in his friends car and he has a new girl!!

    • Lol. Driving his friends car? That's kind of sketchy! Maybe he was confused.

    • Haha I meant he was driving in his friends car, with his friend driving...lol not me driving his friends car lol! typo

What Girls Said 1

  • Oh, my goodness! So thankful to ______dr. mack201@gmail. com for bringing back my ex lover…


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