Girls, Girl spoke to me for the first time?

Girl who works at my fitness gym, goes to do her worksouys after her work , whenever I walk past when she's talking to her colleagues behind reception she always tries not to smile and keeps looking as I walk past. But when we're actually in the gym she just glances at me aand stares at her phone. She kept doing this for like 4 months. I was talking to my workout buddy about me joining a new gym and she was next to us with her friend and she asked if I was using this price of equipment which normally she wouldn't dare talk to me. Then I asked her if she finished and she was very polite etc just wondering what all the glancing and smiling was about. I'm confused pretty much. Thank you


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  • she's probably interested in you but shu and observing you to figure out her own feelings. chances are she hasn't quite figured out whether she likes you enough to go for it or s too shy to make the first ove and tried to strike up conversation to see how you react to see if you made a move or to try and judge if there's a chance you could be into her

    • Why is she shy?

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    • So what should I do?

    • make yourself more obvious without moving too fast. if you catch her looking smile so she knows you saw her looking but dont mind. be the one to start the next conversation. little things that will convince her it's okay to talk to you. the rest will sort itself out when she gets more comfortable aproaching you

  • She is shy


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