Is it possible to forget my girlfriend and her pain forever? I dont think so?

i really dont.. but i have to.
1. she's 16 and im 18
2. met at internet "2 hours away"
3. running away no coz were muslim

her life has no path left and she developed heart pain and mental issues and everything..

her parents are killing her, no respect at all and they drown her with hates and how much they hate her. they let her do chores all day and her 6 siblings dont respect her and stuff..

she cleans the whole house everyday and she teaches her brothers and sisters for there homework and she cooks and stuff..

her dad hits her and even breaks stuff on her body.

we have so much argues and fights because i tell her to do stuff that will help her but she doesn't want to anymore, she lost hope and everything and her heart is killing her (parents dont let her go to doctor)... and today i left her.. dont tell me im an idiot, i really am not and i did the right thing tho i didn't mention everything.. i have to its not my choice..

every day she wants to..(i can't mention it coz my question will be ban)... hint"when a person sleeps and doesn't wake up"..

she wants to do it so badly and im sick of it, how can i have hope with her of she's like that..

im so sad for her coz she's having this life and me imagining her burried.. it just makes me cry deadly.. she never even had a good time in her life.. she's like a servent for her parents.. she wanted to be a doctor and her parents aren't letting her study a bit coz of work and chores
Is it possible to forget my girlfriend and her pain forever? I dont think so?
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