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my ex and I broke up in may of last year I saw him in October of last year. He says if I text him he is filing for harassment he said that 3 months ago. I miss him so much. I just cry everyday. Some days I'm okay. Other days I feel like breaking down. I try to see what his friends are up to on social media. I can't let him go. I heard he was talking to other girls it kills me. It's my fault for what I did I got revenge. He always lied to me. I know he was a good person. I try to date other people it doesn't work. I apologized but he told me months ago to F off I want him to forgive me I just want to text him and say sorry again what do I do


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  • Sounds like your ex has made up this mind to stay away from you.

    I know it's hard but you have to find something that makes you happy. Forget about him and ask yourself, if someone is going tell me to F off and not be upset about the break up, is that someone I want?

    It will get better, I'm going through a situation too and I know how this feels. It sucks and feels like hell but one day you will wake up feeling the queen on the world.


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  • he wasn't a good person. u think he is bc of the lies he told u. why do u want to be with him - like what need of ur did he fulfill? diguring this out will help u to see what u "lost" during the relationship and what need u have that is still not being fulfilled. then figure out alternative ways to fulfill that need so u can move on. text him as much as u want whemever u want tho because he can't tell u what to do. he would block ur # if he really thought u were harassing him. he gets off on knowing that he can control u still.


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  • Go ahead and say sorry for whatever you did but it seems like he has made up his mind about if he wants you in his life. I've been through break ups like this and it really sucks but you have to let go and stop checking his and his friends social media accounts. it really helps the moving on process.

  • what did you do?

    • Tried to get with his friend when he was in a relationship

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    • He says he had 2 girls that liked him in October lol he's quick

    • beat him at his own game...

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