I'm so confused, Did he really just play me?

Me and this guy (bryan) we're both juniors & we knew of each other for 2 years like we talked then stop. We was on & off while we dated for like 2 weeks &then everything went smooth as to what I thought until now we broke up because he said he wanted a girl that's very affectionate & said we are two different people. But days ago while we where dating, he was saying the total opposite. Recently he said stop texting him but when I responded he kept texting me back. Then at school he be wanting me to say hi to him.
I'm just confused on how we got so much in common, our conversations were never boring, we were basically like best friends then now he say he don't wanna date me. He said it wasn't because of another girl.
What do y'all think?


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  • yeah he did.


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