A baby with someone else, but he says he loves me and wants to be with me?

My ex boyfriend and I haven't talked in 2 years. Today he message me saying that he never got the chance to apoligize to me in a appropiate way, he loves me, acknowledging that I always had a good head on my shoulder, he recognized all I was trying to do while being in a relationship with him was lead him in the right direction, he didn't listen, messed up and he apoligizes for disrespecting me/taking my kindness for weakness.

The problem of this whole situation is that he's having a baby with someone else. After 2 years of not seeing/communicating with eachother I thought I would be over everything he did, but I am still hurt. He keeps saying he apologizes and he wants to be with me and start over but how can I start over with someone who has a kid on the way. Honestly after everything he did I am having a hard time trusting him.
FYI to everyone who's being rude and saying I'm stupid. I haven't been in contact with this man in almost 2 years so for those who are saying "Why do I have him in my phone" "Why am I talking to my ex" ONCE AGAIN I haven't spoken to him in 2 YEARS so please READ before you assume. Thanks.


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  • If you don't trust him, don't be with him, and I'd question why it took him 2 years to come crawling back anyway. You don't need him in your life, but it's ultimately your choice if you allow him to be a part of it again.

    • Thanks for your advice. I appreciate it.

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    • Yea he keeps saying how that's just his baby momma and I told him to try to work it out with her when I did say that he got mad and upset with me? I don't know what his motives are but I can't afford to get hurt again. I am in college studying to be a nurse, I have so much goals to accomplish. I want my own family and my first child to be my husband's first child.

    • Then do what's best for you. If you can't trust him, that's already a massive sign, but he could also impact your goals. He could be an obstacle instead of support. Entirely up to you, you don't owe him anything.

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  • Are you serious? You should not be in contact with your ex. EVER! Why did you not remove him from your contacts let alone your life? He does not love you. He loves and misses using you. AND he has a baby mama on the side? You don't want anything to do with that. He should be taking care of his kid instead of chasing skirt. He's running away from responsibility. Don't be naive! What would have happened if god forbid YOU got pregnant. It would have been the same thing when he get's tired of you or her and find somebody else. You dated a coward.

    • He reached out to me several times and not once have I responded. I haven't talked to him in 2 years and this morning out of no where he just starts apoligizing. I never been in this situation, typically I hold grudges and don't accept apoligies, but I did listen to what he had to say and I told him I forgive him but I won't forget. I wanted to let go of anger so that's the main reason why I forgive him to help me grow. Once again I never been in this situation and just wanted a honest opinion from someone other than my mom or siblings. Thanks for your advice.

    • So how did he get your contacts again?

      Your supposed to have forgiveness and just move on. But he's a desperate person who just wants to escape his life and responsibilities. And even if he truly realized what he lost, it's too late for that. He should have thought about a long long time ago.

    • My number hasn't change since the day I stopped talking to him. I just never responded to him until he apoligized which is today. I never wanted to talk to him because of all the pain he has caused me. I was very hurt by everything that he put me through. I just don't want to be angry anymore so I'm learning how to forgive. Everyone in my family hates him, so I can't really talk about him to my family. To save the tension I honestly rather not be involved. I just wanted to know why all of sudden after two years does it take you that long to apologize? I am only 20 so I don't want to make bad decisions. I rather learn from this and move on and hopefully one day I will find the right one. Thanks for your advice!

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  • DON'T!!! Run as fast as you can from him. He is a loser, a zero. He will do it again and again. He wants you to take care of this little bastard. Be smart and tell him to fuck off. You don't want to be stupid. Run!

    • I appreciate your advice, Thank you.

  • Do NOT touch this with a 10 foot poll. stay away from him, it hurts I know been there. but trust me you will thank yourself later by tuning him out. Bad mojo there real BAD

    • It does hurt a lot especially now because it has been 2 years and now you want to apoligize? Thanks for your advice, I appreciate it!

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    • I am not, just wanted to get another opinion. It is a difficult situation because I am learning how to forgive aswell since I usually hold grudges. I am only 20 years old and I don't want to be angry for the rest of my life all because of how others treated me because then that gives them power.

    • your life is ahead of you. might sound cruel to say but it is good this happened now rather then later

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