Does she miss me and will she try to reach out to me directly?

Why would an ex-fling who did not want me and moved on with somebody else stalk me online with fake a Facebook account? She did this a couple months ago but I cut her out of my life in April when she told me she now has a boyfriend. .

She kept telling me she didnt/couldn't commit for 3 years and then got upset when she went through my phone and I was talking to other girls. I know it was her because she asked me questions about herself and why we don't talk anymore. Even mentioned something specific she did with me. She also said a few negative things about yourself I guess maybe to see what my opinion of her was if I agreed. It has been 3 months since she messaged me on a fake account. My friends have told me she did this because she missed me but I am wondering why she has not tried anything again.


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  • do you want her to? why can't you just be direct and ask her what you want to ask her? people need to just be straight forward blunt and to the point. ... worst thing that has happened to me by being that way is I get to live with no regrets or wonderment granted it scares some boys but I'm out for men so I don't know care lol


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  • She didn't want you, she went with someone else and she has a boyfriend.
    So you cut her out of your life and decided to move on, it doesn't matter why she is stalking you, the fact is that you were there for her and you tried but she didn't want you.
    Whatever the reason is, she could be doing it to play with you, maybe she knows how to push your buttons, maybe she likes the control she had over you. She has issues.

  • So, here's the thing... we're only hearing your side of the story here. At the minimum, I think that there's some mutual stalking going on here and at worst, you're the actual stalker and not here. I mean, come on, for over a month you've been posting questions about this "ex-fling". I commend you for not creating a bunch of fake accounts to ask all these questions, but by not doing so, you make it pretty clear that you're sort of obsessed with her.

    If you've really "cut her out" of your life, don't you think it's time to move on?

    • Yea you're right. It's cuz I never really get enough opinions. I should stop though. Truth is I have cut off all communication even blocked her but still miss her. I keep getting reminders of her and it makes me just think. But I have entered stalked her in any way. Haven't looked at any of her social media. It's just been tough moving on because I'm often overlooked when ibha e been meeting new females so it's hard to just forget about her since there's no one in the place she used to be in my life.

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