How do you let a guy know you like him?

how do you let a guy know you like him with out freaking him out?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Start talking to him, and try getting him to talk with you. If he doesn't feel like talking to you, it means he's not interested. If he DOES talk to you, ask him a few questions, show him you want to know more about him, smile a lot when you're with him, hug him lots, kiss him, take off your clothes in front of him, get him to have sex with you (use handcuffs if required), and then after a while, tell him you love him. Make sure you do all that on the same day.

    I don't think that's gonna freak him out.

    No seriously though, if the guy doesn't even feel like talking to you, I don't think you should bother letting him know that you like him. If he does talk to you, then all you gotta do is be happy around him when he does, and he'll figure it out.


What Girls Said 1

  • You could just tell him.

    Don't beat around the bush, that's obvious and makes you look unconfident or like a stalker.


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