Why am I still hurting from him?

It's been quite a while and I am in so much pain still fro my ex going over things that I could have done differently. He told me that sometimes he is going to need space but I hadn't seen him in 10 days, he always used to invite me out to the gigs he would go too then recently before the break up just stopped, he was going through exams saying how busy he was but yet still had time to see these instead of me. The night before the gig he called to tell me he might come over by 10:00 I hadn't heard anything then suggested going we got into a big fight because I wanted to go. 2 things was I too dependant on him or being too needy or clingy? And how do I stop the hurt?


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  • You Are ruminating Becos right now you aren't doin much in your life, you will eventually get bored of him running about your head rent free and resume normal life activities, but only you can do that by pushing urself, you are 20 years old you are young and someone else will come along But that won't happen as long as your holed up in your own thoughts... so cry write o through the 7 steps of grief of broken relationship until you get to acceptance.. and if he comes back don't take him back ever... you're life is about the future not livin in the past

    • Nah I'm actually doin a lot I just blame myself for the relationship ending

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    • No he ended it that's why I blame myself

    • Well he did u a favour then, time for you to move onto bigger brighter things.. changing ur phone number helps so you aren't hoping one day he will call you..

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