Is he just scared to get hurt again?

i was seeing this guy awhile ago... in the end he got hurt and we went through a no contact phase for awhile. He eventually started communicating with me again and told me he still cares for me and that he misses me and what not. He told me this while I had a boyfriend and since then has not spoken to me or has said its not a good idea that we talk. I have since broken up with my current boyfriend. I realized I still had a ton of feelings for the guy I'm speaking about and realized it wasn't fair to the guy I was with. Since then he has gone through these phases of blocking and un-blocking me on msn, he'll go like a week of me being blocked and then unblock me, every time I message him when he's online he goes offline or he straight up won't answer me.

He knows me and this guy broke up... is he not talking to me because he hates me or doesn't like me anymore? or is he just scared to get close to me because that means he might get hurt again?

any advice on getting him back?


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  • Before you try and get advice on getting him back, you need to seriously spend some time considering if you actually want to get back with him. Do not get him back only to hurt him again. It could very well ruin his ability to trust women again. Invest plenty of time thinking about who you are, what you want and what made you leave him in the first place. If after all of that, you are absolutely positive you want him back, then you're gonna have to make it all up to him and he's going to have shaky trust in you for a while.

    Really, once a breakup happens, you have to REALLY want things to work and be ready to work at it because trust is lost and feelings are hurt after the first time. If you just want some easy comfort from someone you know that makes you feel good for a while, please don't go back to HIM for your rebound. It will just devastate him. Find yourself some hot jerky guy, use him and toss him out. That's what they're there for anyway.

    • Do you think based on his actions that he is still interested? or at least still thinking about me?

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  • from the sounds of it ur relationship is over the computer and not in a phsical relationship, and if that's the case then I wouldn't be to concerned about gettin him back, more about trying to find guys around ur area that ur interested in. if that's not the case then their could be an explination for him not replying, some times msn will freeze and only when you send a message the server will update and realise the person has already signed off, maybe try calling him and talk to him, if you haven't got his number... well he obviously don't feel that much for u. there has been times where I have told ex gf's I care for them but still wouldn't want the relationship with them, not for any bad reasons, almost like "been there got the t-shirt" sorta thing, and other times its just cos I still have feelings and care about the girl but not in the way I want to get to close but not just for being scared of being hurt.

    • It was not an internet relationship lol. we were together in real life for about 5 months.

  • he might be stung up on you, can't get overyou etc...hard to get over an ex he formed and emotional bond with you...


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