When you make a mistake?

I've broken up a short-term relationship with a guy I used to be friends first.. I broke up with him because for the last 2 weeks I wasn't feeling happy, I felt like I'm just another girl he's with because he's not used to being alone.. He used to say how much he loves me, how hard he's fallen for me but honestly I didn't feel that.. I knew he cared and he was a good boyfriend, he was always trying to keep me happy, he was there for me when I needed him.. He even gave me space I needed so he won't smother me, but he lacked affection, not showing how much he LOVES me.. I'm not saying he should've got me the stars from the sky, but I felt like we were just friends who would make out when we see each other.. And I told him that before I broke up, but he said he doesn't know how to prove what he's feeling and how he doesn't want to lose me.. Since nothing changed, eventually my feelings faded away and I end it, but now (it's been a month) I keep thinking how maybe I made a mistake, maybe I could've try to fix something, maybe I wasn't used to someone caring about me and I panicked and pushed him away.. I doubt everything and I don't know what to do.. In one thing I'm 100% sure - I miss him, I miss our conversations, I miss his presence in my life and I'm not sure how or what can I do because we haven't talked since the break up.. Can anyone help me, share thoughts or maybe similar experiences? I'm losing myself.. Thank you in advance :)


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