How do I resurrect my friendship?

Met a beautiful girl, saw so many common interests, wanted to get to know her more and be friends with her, got too greedy and rushed the friendship to a romantic relationship, got outright rejected and shunned eventually by her, tried to make things back to how it was before. But, it was in vain. Any ideas on how to bring back this friendship from the grave and keeping it alive while having a possible romantic interest as a follow-up in the slightly distant future?


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  • Had a case like this, before a year! Best thing i did was to talk to her and say that it was mistake to destroy our friendship, that i was not thinking right & that i really miss our hanging out & the chat and stuff. I asked to start anew and she approved so no we are from square one.

    Try this and this time don't rush it! Take your time and do not i repeat do not think that you may have something romantic fast. This takes a lot of time and the trust is one way ticket to it.

    This is a common mistake to happen because, they mostly mislead us with same signs and this happens.


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