Will living with my ex for a few more weeks set me back?

I tried working things out with my ex fiancé but, as you might've noticed, it didn't work out. I was renting my condo and my tenants ruined a few things, so it needs some repairs and I'm renovating it so I can move back. My family lives a bit far so I can't stay with them. My ex said it was fine to stay with him longer, but I feel like if I stay I'll feel bad for breaking things off with him. He couldn't get over our age difference and I was the only one working to better our relationship. Shoul I suck it up and stay with him? I've already bothered my friends going back and forth with them and my ex. I don't think they'll mind, but I feel bad. I also don't want to rent a room since I'll be buying new furniture for my place.
Do you guys think it'll be an issue? He didn't want to break up, and honestly I still care about him a lot.
I decided not to stay, I stayed two days and he was trying to get back together. I packed my stuff and left some in storage and kept the stuff I do need and rented a room that recently vacated at my friend's house. Hopefully the renovations will go smoothly. Thanks for the help.


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  • Honestly get the fuck out of there before your mind tricks you to stay 30 plus years. Never ever a good idea to stay with an ex. If that's the only option only stay when you sleep and leave right away.

    • Thanks for the MHO! what did you end up doing?

    • I put it in the update. I got lucky and one of my friends roommates moved so I'm temporarily renting the room.

    • Oh man I totally missed that update xD well thats good! On to better things with life huh? Glad you realized things weren't working before you got married!

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  • I would leave, go rent a room somewhere cheap. It's going to be too awkward with ex fiance under the same roof. You need to get out of there. And don't be friends afterwards either.


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  • suck it up and if he tries anything that's when you leave

  • stay with your ex then..

    • then why break up?

    • He literally wouldn't want to go out just the two of us because he was embarrassed by what others thought about our age difference. He was constantly getting moody and jealous when I went out on my own. He no longer wanted me to go to the gym and would ask to check my phone a few times a week.

    • you both should not stay together.. that would be a wrong decision..

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  • I'm confused. In one question you talk about owning a house with him and selling , splitting proceeds, and in this you mention living with him at his place because YOUR place has problems. Which is it?

    • He told me he wants to keep the house instead of selling. We will be making an evaluation of what I've put into it, and he'll pay me for that and the remaining of the payments he'll do on his own. I really don't know why he wants to keep it, I guess he liked it more than I thought.

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    • These past days I've been staying with friends, I've been considering actually staying at the house. You're right I'll just keep on looking for a safe cheap place to stay in.

    • Good luck to you.

  • Honestly I understand it. If you have talked and everybody has agreed then great. BUT clear rules need to be in place and respect needs to be taken. It's a tricky ground.

    Eg. Dates to not come round
    If you are making dinner for you both, you need to make sure it's not a "date". Either eat in separate rooms or eat on the sofa/chairs so you are separate.
    However small, insist on paying for something. Whether is 50 £/$ to the rent or buying a weeks shop, you need to make sure you aren't freeloading.

    He needs to feel like you are a flat mate not a girlfriend.


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