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OK so this may be long

so senior year I'm in my eco class tryna do my work and this guy next to me who's liked me since junior year but we just kinda stop talkin after till now says that he wants to get to know me and chill and so I say coo and we started hangin out and talkin and after a week we just feel out cuz he ditched me for his ex thats he's been on and off with and I didn't know about her until 2 weeks after we broke up that they have had an on and off kinda relationshipšŸ˜’ and I felt kinda hurt because he didn't give me a warning or nothin and I thought we hit it off. so fast forward to when they broke up and he tried to holla at me again the same day they broke up we talked and he asked what happened and did u feel like I dipped out on you and I said yeah and ik he knew it was true he was really just tryna act dumb asf and we was gonna talk about the situation that night but when the time came I texted him on twitter to text me because I didn't have his number and he says nahhh I can't do that and he calls but it was his ex that he broke up with and ask what does he want with you and blah blah blah
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  • try being clear and talking about it first, if he repeats what happened that's when you leave


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