My ex texted me?

We were in a realtionship 1 year ago and it lasted 2 months. We broke up because i found out he was texting other girls, and i got really mad
He said he was really sorry and won't do it again, and wanted me to promise i wouldn't do the same thing out of anger
I said that i would do the same because why not? i texted some guys and he took my phone and read the conversations
And than didn't text me again, so i thought it ended and he didn't really love me
Then i got into a fight with some girls because of him, and he texted saying that he told those girls not to mess with me, and when i mentioned our break up he said that it was my fault because i never texted him a "im sorry" then the conversation ended with "i love you" and after that we didn't talk anymore
Than for my birthday he came and met me wishing me, and than again we never talked again
I heard that he was in a serious relationship, he posted pictures with her like he had never done before and in some kind of way i was happy for him
And now his friend texted me saying that my ex misses me
He texed me himself saying that he thinks that it was my fault that we broke up, because i never tried to text him and say im sorry, even though he gave me the chance by meeting me in my birthday etc so what should i do, what does all this mean?


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  • If you miss him. Go talk to him tell him how you feel, say sorry. It can't hurt to let him know right?

  • I wouldn't even go back


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