I'm thinking of just texting my ex to stop thinking of texting her?

Here me out. It was a mutual break up. I don't care if i get a reply or not. I don't care what the reply says. It could say screw you. Or good.. You go be happy. It don't matter.
Here's the message:

"Hey, I still kinda am in the process of like to stop thinking of you. Mostly I've been thinking of texting you. So to stop it. Here i am 😂 Like i got over the trying to fix things and like clarity stuff. I don't know why I kinda let it control my happiness in a way. I don't know why I'm telling you this right now. It was pretty difficult and weird, but yeh don't worry about me. You go be happy and I'll do the same for myself! & if we are friends or aquantices, so be it? Doesn't matter, don't care the reply I get or don't receive and I did this for me, not to like reinstate things. We got other things to worry about and its better to be happy".

Also, something that really doesn't matter, but at the same time.. She tried to re-follow me on Instagram and deleted it before she thought I saw it? When is it okay to like follow I guess? When we are sure both of us are over each other and it don't matter?


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  • A mutual breakup means she broke up with you bruh

  • i am confused just by reading this.

    • So am I. Like i don't think i need to text her. But in reality I am just trying to stop thinking of her

    • dude just see what the girl has done you before you entering a relationship with her, what will she do to you when you are actually in a relationship with her?

      I hope you get your answer.

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