Need to get over my ex from 2 years ago?

2 years ago I dated this guy for about a month. We were best friends for a long time before we dated, like brother and sister. Dating ruined our relationship. We never talk. He used to hate me for leaving him, but a few months ago I apologized (2 years later) and we talked everyday for a couple weeks. Just saying hi in the hallways and talking about my family. We talked just enough to get me hooked again. He's had a girlfriend for a few months, which is hard to get over. Spring break was last week, we didn't talk at all. He hasn't talked to me since we got back. In fact I think he is trying to avoid me. He doesn't even look or smile at me like he did just a week ago. I don't say anything to him, I don't want to look desperate, because I'm not. I don't know I guess I just miss what we had, how close we were. He even told me the other week he hasn't connected to anyone since we were together. We had the greatest chemistry. I know if we dated it might not work, I constantly think about him. I'm so sick of it. I just want to get over him and forget about it. It's making me so depressed.


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  • sorry for what happened.
    you can't force him to change his behavior to treat you better. the relationship wasn't successful, both of you should accept what happened.
    I know you miss him as a best friend, but you need to give him space to take his own responsibility for his life.

    I went through the same experience... I remember that it was a difficult decision, but I decided not to be a wall between my best friend and her life.
    now, she's happy with her new life, and I also happy that I did the right thing.
    sometimes, some people just aren't meant to be together.



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  • Focus on your own life, find things in your life that will take the attention away from him. Move on for good. The best way is to avoid him and not have any contact with him... Can you do that?

  • Find someone to talk to, If you want I you could talk to me for starters

  • Find a friend and talk with him or her.
    live your life

  • find a hot guy.


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