Would you add an ex to facebook?

question is simple: let's say that the person starts using facebook all of the sudden and you see that person in Suggestions.
Would you add them or not?
let's say that you haven't been talking ever since it went down


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes I would. I never delete anybody from my friend's list, even if I don't like them or if we hate each other. Its rude to suggest that because somebody is not dateable that they no longer have a right to be on your contacts list.

    • Do you believe in keeping in contact with every person you have come across with in life?

    • @Listening5 I believe in not discarding people simply because they are no longer sexually available to me.

Most Helpful Guy

  • No.
    There is no point, its useless. Exs are exs and they shouldn't have access to your life.


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  • If I never see her again it'll be too soon.

  • i have all but one of my exes on facebook

    • do you still talk to them or simply left them there?

    • I was literally out for lunch with one of them earlier today xD

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