Girls, Why is this girl shy when she sees me?

On Sundays I go to a different gym, and I had to get a new card from reception when I saw this cute girl sat next to her who also works at the gym. When talking to the receptionist I couldn't help but look at her , so then afterwards she always goes to the gym after her work , were we glance every so often. So I notice that every Sunday I walk past reception and she is talking to the receptionist for the lady of her shift when I walk by she always looks at me and try's not to smile but then when in the gym for months we never spoke we just glance. I told my workout buddy If he noticed her before and I didn't know she was in the gym and I turned around after saying she was hot and she was looking at me however she had music playing I think. So a month later I told my friend I was changing gyms and she was working out beside us with a friend but she asked if I was using a piece of equipment which normally she would never do. So I asked if she finished shortly after. Then when she walked out with her friend she was looking at me whilst walking out the door talking to her friend. I'm kind of confused as what's going on like smiling , glancing etc


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  • She's shy in general


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