What to do with excessive knowledge of ex's interests after a breakup?

the title already explains it, to be honest..
my then boyfriend talks about cars, racing, machines and car-related animes to me all the time even though it's not my thing. but trying to be a good girlfriend i tried to put some interest into it, and i now have so much knowledge of cars and racing games that are in his opinion would be a great game. all i kept thinking when i'm around people discussing about these things are how much he'll enjoy it. i just wanna forget about cars and everything that has anything to do with it since I'm not really a fan.


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  • You will forget about it eventually if it doesn't interest you. It will be there in your head somewhere but get buried by any new interests you pick up.

    • yeah i just got reminded of it from time to time

    • yeah it's going to happen. My ex broke up with me 5 months ago, yet so many things still remind me of her. Annoying.

    • ah well hope it'll go away soon, for both of us. it just puts me in a shitty mood every time i got reminded

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  • Find something else to obsess about or maybe go back to your old obsessions before you met him


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