Ex won't look at me?

So two years ago I dated this guy for about a month. As it turns out, I was a rebound so I ended the relationship. As soon as I ended it, he stopped contact, which was fine until I found out I was pregnant. When he found out, he had a total meltdown. A couple of weeks later, I miscarried and we haven't spoken since. He started working at my job a few months after I miscarried, he was in a new relationship but obviously not over his Ex girlfriend whom we also work with. The thing is, over the past two years that we've been working together, he still can't seem to look at me. He gets really awkward and mumbles when I ask him work related questions. I just can't seem to figure out why he still can't look at me. It's just really uncomfortable for me because I am a lead person at my job so I have to make contact with him at least a few times a week, but I know if I try to being up anything personal, I'll get rejected. So why can't he look at me?


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  • Well, in this case, you have to put your work first so just inform him that he can have his awkward feelings about you outside of the workplace but during work you need him to cooperate.


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  • I would imagine that it's guilt on his part. He can't face you because his conscience tells him that he was an utter shit to you.

  • come right out and ask him, only he knows the answer.

  • isn't it normal?

    • In all honesty, I have no idea how breakups work. He is my only ex.

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    • I don't think that you can be friends

    • I don't want to be his friend, just want to figure out why he still can't look at me after two years and figure out how to make my work environment less unsettling.

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