My ex unblocked med on Facebook, does he want med back or is he over me?

My ex and I was together on and off for a little over 2 years and he blocked me on Facebook after one of our breakups, a year ago And didn't remove it when we got back together.

We broke up again, and i noticed that he unblocked me, so i tried to text him 2 days ago, because i miss him. But he did not awnser my text.

So now i'm confused, i dont know if he wants me back or is it just his way of saying he's over me. What do you guys think?


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  • who loves you, will never give you a complex map to his life.
    you're making an effort to make that guy decides if you're good enough to be in his life or not?
    what you do is you treat yourself with dirt to make him satisfied.
    forget about him because you're better than that.


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  • That doesn't mean he wants you back. The fact that you noticed he unblocked you and you text him right away is really stalkerish. If he wanted anything you should have let him text you first. He may have just wanted to be cordial or maybe even show off his new life or girlfriend. Leave it be for now.


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  • Maybe just the download your pictures like a creep

  • don't want you back.. just felt the need


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