Healing piercing?

I got my cartilage pierced. I've waited the time that you have to wait for it to be healed and change the stud. Yesterday I could change the stud. Its not red. And its not real sore except when I touch it. When I move it/ touch it I have a little pain in the back of my ear. Should I wait a few more days till the pain stops or should I change the stud anyway?


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  • K if you got it done with the gun instead of the needle, its going to take a lot longer to heal, but you can take it out just don't leave it out for too long. maybe wait for a week. I got mine done with the gun and it took about 10 - 11 months to heal. But if you got it done with the needle, just wait for an extra week and really keep it clean. if it still hurts a bit after then just change it and put a new cleaned stud in because the earing you have in can have some dirt or something on it that you can't get by cleaning it and that is what would be infecting it. hope this helps


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  • I would say yes, but when I had mine pierced what I would do to ease it a bit is get a paper towel damp and then put it in the freezer. Wait about 10-15 min and gently hold it over the spot.


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