What's up with my ex?

We dated for a year and have been broke up for a month. When we spoke after the breakup, he said there was still hope that we might get back together (he broke up with me) and stuff, yadda yadda. I asked him to take me back a few weeks ago and he said no, and I could move on if I wanted to, and he wasn't ready to jump into a relationship with anybody right now. I told him not to say there's hope if there really isn't. He never replied.

Lately, we've gotten back into talking a bit. I IM'd him about a week ago to ask him what was wrong (he was posting stuff on Facebook) and we talked. He told me how he's an alcoholic now and stuff, and he's IM'd me pretty much every day since then while he's at work. But he didn't talk to me all weekend. I wasn't online earlier and he texted me for a bit and then we stopped talking.

I don't understand why he's talking to me. HE always initiates conversation first, so I'm not IM'ing or texting him first, EVER. His cousin's girlfriend messaged be the other day asking how him and I were doing, and I talked to her for a little bit. I don't know if he wanted her to say something or what, or if she's just being nosy.

My ex and I, like I said, stopped talking a little bit earlier because the conversation petered out. I don't understand why he talks to me now. It's only when he's at work, and I figured that maybe he just needed something to do, but he has a lot of other people he could IM/text while at work, why me?


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  • He doesn't really know what he wants right now. You shouldn't have asked him to take you back, because I think that since he knows that, he's a little scared. Scared in a way that it's just to soon to determine what he wants for the moment. It's not mysterious to know that he knows that you still want him. So, he's all relaxed, and he's just taking his time to figure out what he wants.

    He wants to anniciate contact with you, because he thinks about you, but if he really wanted you back, he would make an effort.

    Just give him some time. Be mysterious... He'll probably come around. If he doesn't, move on...

    For the moment, I would not contac him for a while. If he comes back, make him beg for you to take you back. Or else, he will just be playing with you...

    Trust me. I know this situation : it's the same thing that hapenned to me...


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  • "An alcoholic is an extreme example of self-will run riot."

    He'll probably always be pulling your chain.

    You can't "save" him; he has to decide to do that himself.

    If an alcoholic says something, you can be sure that he said it. That's all.

    You can suggest AA to him; if you're serious about getting back together, you can attend Al-Anon.

    Feel free to message me or add me as a friend.

    Haven't had a drink in over 24 years,


  • change your phone number and ignore his emails/texts...that should fix the problem...he's lonely right now


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  • He probably knows if he texts with you'll he'll get like insta-response since he knows you still care for him. He's just toying with you, he knows ur like putty in his hands, always ready to talk to him in hopes of getting back together. If things don't go well with another gal, he knows that ur always a text or IM away to brighten his day and make him feel better about himself. Who knows I could be totally wrong .


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