Have you ever been through a horrible heartbreak and moved on? Please tell me your stories?


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  • I think everyone has and for the most part, I think that everyone has the same story. At a very young age you fell in love, the other person moved on, and not only were you really sad, but you were almost obsessed at some points. Then about three months later, one day you realize that you no longer care. All of the tears, the declarations that you'd never feel this way again, the way you bored your friends over talking about him/her nonstop, and the thoughts that it would be unbearable to be without him/her -- they're just gone. You remember feeling that way, but you don't remember what it actually feels like because you're just over it.

    I would say this though -- it only happened once to me and I figure that that's how it works with most people. Because only the first time do you allow yourself to be swept away or be caught up in the emotions. After that, you're too seasoned, too smart, too pragmatic and in a way, it's sort of sad because I think it would be neat to be able to fall for someone like that again. Unfortunately, that would require me being the jackass that I was at 17 and in reality, I like myself too much to want to go back to that.


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  • I went absolutely insane, lol. He ended things through text, I begged for him to come meet in person so we could talk things out ( in reality, I was filled with rage and wanted to beat his ass) I was absolutely ready to assault him lol thank God my mom talked me out of it. I stalked him on social media for a minute. He came crawling back, I hated him. We became civil after awhile but things never were the same. He's a sicko, how can you hurt someone the way he hurt me and come back? He said he missed me, loved me, didn't wanna lose me, wanted me in his life, etc. All things aside I did love him and I'm sure he loved me in his own way but as of right now we dont communicate. He comes back every now and then to check up, I'm not sure why he does it. I got over things after about 6 months. But because we had contact on and off, it slowed the moving on process down so I hurt myself more in the end by talking to him. My advice to anyone would be no matter how much it hurts, CUT THEM OFF!!!

    • I'm so sorry to hear that. Mine ended almost 2 weeks ago and the wound is still open and bleeding. And I just want to know how is he, I need some closure. I miss him so much it kills me

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  • Unfortunately I think we've all been there, it's horrible! The important thing to remember is to value yourself and time heals most wounds. Take care of yourself, all the best :)

  • Mine was also no closure. I used to think he was really a perfect guy for me, and completely trusted him, until he just disappeared.

    We lived in different cities, had to travel to see each other. He texted and called me everyday, everything seems really great. He suggested we move to Thaliand together, I was really looking forward to it, and quitted my job, prepared everything, then he just "ghosted"... thats really the least thing I would imagine a "perfect" guy like him could ever do to me. After 1 month no reply I deleted him.
    Actually before that I noticed his dating profile was active again. I chose to trust him and wanted to talk about it when I see him. Anyway really heartbroken experience.

    • Have you moved on

    • *question mark*

    • I think so. I have started seeing other guys. Honestly sometimes I can't stop comparing the new guys with him, and still think of him. But I am sure I will completely move on gradually.
      You should go out with other guys, you will forget about him when you meet someone treats you better

  • yes, i was cheated and moved on even without loking my back. and my sadness passed by time


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