Block your Ex Boyfriend?

Is it a good Idea that I block my ex boyfriend on whatsapp during nc?

I want to get him back

I am now in day 5 of nc. On day 30 I'm gonna unblock but not gonna contact him still

We still follow each other on Facebook and instagram though

Any opinions? Thanks


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What Guys Said 2

  • nope. post the pics of u being happy so he can be jealous

  • be friends withhim

    • I ask him before when I message him but he ignore it. The reason I have to blocked him because I've keep checking my Whatsapp to see if he message me or not

    • if he ignores you then ok block him but it won't matter if her want to reach you he could just message you on Facebook

    • You're right, if he wants to message him he can use Instagram or Facebook to reach me

What Girls Said 1

  • Oky lets start on the fact that you want him back... if you are on and off all the time then the best thing to do is move on.. if this was just a fight and u said things that u didn't mean... well then you should be patient.. and go forward with your plan to make him know u are serious


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