It's complicated. Guy A or Guy B.

I was with Guy A for 1 week and we broke up because being with him, there will always be a problem and I was unhappy. I like him a lot and I think of him everyday. After we broke up, I stopped talking to him and decided to forget him, knowing that things won't work out.

I met Guy B a month ago after breaking up with Guy A, he is nice to me. I don't know if I am treating him as a substitute to forget about Guy A because I like him for being nice to me and I know that he likes me.

Recently Guy A came to talk to me. He asked me why I broke up with him and that he has been thinking of me. He knew I am with a guy right now and he was upset that I only gave him a week. We knew each other for more than 2 years and this entire time, I have gave him chance. Now I am feeling that things are getting complicated.

I didn't want to hurt the both of them. I was afraid that if I chose Guy A and we broke up again , I am going to lose Guy B. If I chose Guy B and end up having no feelings with him, I will lose Guy A who I have feelings with.

Who should I gave up on ?


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  • The question is do you have any feelings for Guy B? Yes, it sounds like guy B is your rebound. Since you weren't happy being with Guy A, what could possibly have changed in this short period of time? If you just want to be friends with Guy B, then go with guy A. If you are confused, ask Guy A for some more time for you to figure things out.

    • With Guy B, I don't know if it's a feeling of interest or merely a feeling of like because he is nice to me. Because he wasn't into me last time and after we got together, we gradually find the attraction and chemistry between us. But whenever I tried to talk to him about what I am unhappy with, he shut me out. That's when I felt that he doesn't like me much. When we broke up, he came back to me, does this mean he really likes me?

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  • You sound like you need a break. Tell both of them you need some time alone to think. I'd say a month maybe, could be less...but a time without pressure.

    In my opinion there must be a guy C out there somewhere that you wouldn't have any of these doubts about.

    Sorry, I'm married.

  • stay with Ben (guy B)

    u were unfair with guy Adam, but that's it, its over, if you go back to give him a second chance, u'd be unfair to Ben!


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