It's SO much more important to be right, right?!?

Do you care more about the positive outcome of a potentially bad situation, or do you care more about afterwards, when other people around you say, "No, you were correct about the situation. Your information was correct, therefore you were the smarter one the whole time!" (You get where I'm going with this?)

It seems to me that these days, no matter what kind of solid advice you try to give someone, the kind you can only get with real experience, your friends will still ignore you, and do the opposite of your idea. And, of course, when you see something played out a thousand times, you KNOW the outcome and you want to warn your friend. (In this case, it's advising your friend that her new flame is an old buddy of mine from high school, that is notorious for pretending to have feelings for girls, only to sleep with them four or five times and dump them. And yes, it happened again, with her.)

Now, her and her gf's don't like the advice I give at the time. I predicted every horndog move of his from the get-go, and they insisted I was utterly wrong about him. Like I haven't known him for 8 years, and watched him do this dozens of times now.

Now, its too late, and she's devastated by his sudden departure. That was like a week ago the last time I saw her, and I said "Didn't I say this would happen exactly?" And I didn't say it like she was a dumb ass, I said it very serious and calm-like. And now her and her friends are making it sound like they knew the whole time what he was up to, and like I never said anything. I even asked them yesterday, flat-out: "Who called every single move this guy had? C'mon girls, say it. Say who called it." But they never openly said, "You were right, Russell."

So, look deep down in yourself. Can you act like a grown-up and admit when you were wrong in a delicate situation when someone ELSE was right? Or do you pussy-foot around and try to find technicalities that say you were still right, and that you don't have to listen to someone who's actually been there and done that? Because the truth is irrelevant, as long as people think your the wise one, despite the facts. Thoughts, people? Try to really think about yourself doing this, and when/where you've behaved like this. Be HONEST!

Also I realize that I'm emphasizing the point that "I was right the whole time" in irony, and slight hypocrisy. So, don't bother pointing that out. I'm speaking about the people who just can't seem to admit when their wrong. I can admit when I'm wrong.


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What Girls Said 1

  • it's advice, nothing more, nothing less. it's their own right to ask it and to choose to do anything with it, if they don't, then it's their own fault.

    grow up and don't rub it in their face if they chose not to follow your advice, that's childish.


What Guys Said 2

  • I'm always right! I never use a pencil because I'll never use the eraser.

    One time I thought that I was wrong but it turned out that I was right.

  • Nobody likes having mistakes continually rubbed in their face. Yes you were right, move on. There's no chance they will admit anything now after how you've acted.

    • I never acted anything. This was brought up once or twice in passing. I didn't dwell on it, or rub it in anyone's face. They do most the talking, (as girls do,) I merely commented on her situation, and let it go as soon as she does that "..No...Shut-up." thing. That's usually where it ends. I'm just asking a fair question on the manner, after giving it some thought.

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