Guys, are you hurt easily?

Guys always have to act as if they're very tough... but are you hurt by a girl when she dumps you?
Like for example, a guy with whom I've been texting a lot, and I met and it was pretty nice, we drank a little, but were not drunk, and we danced and in the evening we kissed, but the next morning, I felt weird and pretty down so we didn't talk much (it was a friend's birthday party so there were many people to talk with thus we didn't sit in awkward silence or something, luckily).
Afterwards he sent me many texts but I have to admit that I ignored him :/ Idky, but I didn't really know if I want to meet him again or not and I wanted to sort things out and figure it out for myself first.
So he asked me if we want to meet again and I took very, very long to reply because I wanted to find the right words and I told him I'd rather not meet.
Would you be hurt? like really hurt and mad? He liked me pretty much but this was the first time we met, I mean before we only texted so I'm not quite sure what he expected to happen...
(He hasn't replied to my text yet.)
Guys, are you hurt easily?
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