Guys, are you hurt easily?

Guys always have to act as if they're very tough... but are you hurt by a girl when she dumps you?
Like for example, a guy with whom I've been texting a lot, and I met and it was pretty nice, we drank a little, but were not drunk, and we danced and in the evening we kissed, but the next morning, I felt weird and pretty down so we didn't talk much (it was a friend's birthday party so there were many people to talk with thus we didn't sit in awkward silence or something, luckily).
Afterwards he sent me many texts but I have to admit that I ignored him :/ Idky, but I didn't really know if I want to meet him again or not and I wanted to sort things out and figure it out for myself first.
So he asked me if we want to meet again and I took very, very long to reply because I wanted to find the right words and I told him I'd rather not meet.
Would you be hurt? like really hurt and mad? He liked me pretty much but this was the first time we met, I mean before we only texted so I'm not quite sure what he expected to happen...
(He hasn't replied to my text yet.)


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  • Some guys are tough they don't get hurt very easily but if they really like a girl and she dosn't feel the same way about him maybe he will jot show emotions and handle it with maturity but will be hurt deeply form inside and guys are good at hiding emotions and wilk not cry or show any emotions

    • Can I do something so that he's not super hurt? I mean I feel like there is no nice way to turn someone down, is there?
      Thanks for your opinion :)

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    • That sounds good. Thank you :)

    • You are welcome

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  • Yes, men have feelings to. We also have strength that let's us fight through the pain, just like in the battlefield, if we took a shot in the leg, we still fight on if our strength and will allows it.

    • I didn't intend to say men don't have feelings... I just wanted to know your opinions :)

  • If you like someone and they dump you you're gonna get hurt no matter who you are

  • sure u'd be hurt. if u care.. which depends always on the situation.

  • id always be sad

    • do you think there would have been a nicer way to say it? :( Because I really don't want to hurt him, but I don't want to meet him either...

    • oh, *:)

  • When you feel like you've been played or she cheats or something.
    Like a dagger of ice right in the chest.

  • Yes.

    I honestly don't understand why women do this kind of thing. If you went on a date and had a good time, why wouldn't you want to go on another date.

    • I mean, she did say she was feeling pretty down herself

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