Im really worried about my friend, help?

Ok so my best friend is in a relationship with this guy for a year and a few months now. And just recently I've noticed she started to become more sadder and seemed withdrawn.( She was in a bad relationship 4 years ago with an abusive man. But she seems worser now) just recently i went over to her place and she told me she just been dignosed with a mood disorder. Im being there for her as much as I could but its consuming a bit of me always worrying for her. Lastnight she called me up upset and broke down ans told me everything. Saying that she's stuck in this relationship he's constantly lying to her and making her feel self cautious. And what struck me was she said that she doesn't want to battle this illness alone and her family doesn't understand and she can't talk to them so she stays with this guy because he's "always there" she lost her friends I've noticed since she started to become depressed they ignored her and started to talk ill about her. So im seeing my friend get sicker and sicker everyday.
She just recently told me she wanted to end her life.
Im super upset and i have no one to talk to myself:(
I told her if this relationship is making you sick then its not right for you.
And she just tells me I have no one else who would stay with this. And basically shuts her self down.

Anyone know what its like living with a mood disorder.:( i dont know what else i can do for my friend. I talked to her mom and her mom didn't seem she understood her dad left the family when she was little and im the only frirnd that stayed and visited her in the hospitals etc.


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  • I don't personally have a mood disorder. But what I have been is in your situation. My best advice is to keep at what your doing. Keep being there for her. I know it sounds obvious and you. ve probably already heard it but it works. If things get really bad is there anyway you can get her some professional help? And for who you can talk to, you need someone ( a friend of family memebr or something) to do what your doing for her, someone just to unload to. I hope this helps, ask for more advice if needed.


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  • What you can do at the moment is be supportive. Like you srated before she doesn't have any friends left nor does her family believe/support/understand her position. Does her family know about her relationship? Also based on your story, she's been in a bad relationship before, so it's natural that she's scared and I honestly think she's more scared than before. Let her know that you're there for her but also let her know that staying in that relationship is not healthy for her. Whatever happens, please support her.


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