Boy kind of stalking me on social media?

I was "talking" to this guy for about 3 weeks, I guess more like "dating" but we were going to have our first date but I broke it off a week before the date. The reason I broke it off was due to me putting my phone down for an hour and replying to my sister once because she needed something but going about my day and he had spammed my phone with messages saying "don't you like me?" And other such sort of juvenile things considering I was not on my phone for an hour. I told him it was wrong and uncomfortable and decided I couldn't continue with that because I love my privacy and I shouldn't have to tell him every few hours what I was doing, he doesn't need to know my every move. So then I get a follow on my Instagram from him, I immediately block him because 1) I never gave it to him 2) I had told him to not contact me. The NEXT day I get a follow from a guy that's apparently his "friend" who put a comment on a recently posted Instagram picture of mine asking how said boy was. Obviously it's weird, so I ask him what he thinks he's doing. This guy THEN responds a little too defensively for a "friend" and I notice the guy is typing exactly the same as the boy, and can even misspell the same words as him. Combined with the "new account" in bio, I'm going to assume this guy was him. I block him and get ANOTHER follow from the guy with his actual name - with a new account, 2 days later. He tells me he didn't know his friend would get so defensive but couldn't provide me with his Facebook or phone number so I could verify this guy even existed. So I block him again. Then today, I got a follow from a guy with "new account" in his bio also claiming to be gay, unfortunately it's very obviously him as he was being homophobic to himself as a "gay" guy (the guys homophobic) and typing the same etc, following the same people. I never get followed on Instagram unless it's someone I know, I don't comment or like anything so it's again obviously him. Should I delete my Instagram?


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  • No you shouldn't. What you should do is go to the police and report him for stalking you or something like that. So you'll need your Intsagram account and any other evidence to back your claim. Because if you deleate you Insta he might do the same thing on other social media.

  • I think you should cause he's probably going to keep doing this to you


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