Boyfriend giving me a hard time about leaving my apartment?

So me and my boyfriend had a huge blowout today and I think it's really over. He got upset because my 11 year old son was misbehaving yesterday then I reward him with his Easter basket. He got mad because he got up early to open his basket and has a nasty attitude all day so I made a comment back at him, and he told me that's the last straw he's leaving and rather stay at a shelter. Then he starts throwing all my past relationships in my face. He asked for the 300.00 he just gave me to contribute to the household. I pay 1,100 a month in rent, and other utilities and he pays 600 per month for food for the HOUSEHOLD and to help pay another bill or part of rent.

Now I'm worried I'm going to have a hard time because he is asking for the 300 back, isn't staying in my apartment legally, so I can't challenge it too much...

what can I do/say?


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  • no receipt? ? tell him no

    he stayed there he used the services he pays

    • I told him once he needs to leave or I'll call the cops. He says go ahead I've lived here for months and by law you have to give me 30 days

    • nope not in a domestic situation.

    • Can you please clarify. I will need to be prepared because it's getting worse.

  • You say no get out


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