How do I move on?

So me and this guy have been talking for about 2months and he treated me so well its just there's a problem from the beginning he was talking to 4 other girls so I broke it off and right after he started messing with another publicly even walked her to classes somehow we worked it out but then came spring break where he messed with other girl while on trip in Florida and yet again I forgave him. once he told me he loved me I didn't know if I should believe or was he only trying to get in my pants as well I mean I really do love him but I need someone whose going to be loyal to me and want a committed relationship now that summer is coming up he broke it off with me saying that we are moving too fast and if I would still wait for him to be ready. I miss him I just want to talk to him and work it out but I know I deserve better so I'm trying my hardest not to have any contact but god know he's all I think about and I just need help on how I can get over him. I know he won't have any problem getting over me.
Also I sent him nudes and I'm concerned that he might expose to the whole school. someone please help me


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