So can you love somebody and cheat on them? Me an my boyfriend have had a bumpy ride, and I cheated on him 3 times...but I am not the d*** of the relationship because I love him so much and was always there for him but I couldn't trust him for things that he has done to me in other words..I would have never cheated if he was treating me right I never told him because I knew I would lose him...but I did tell him that one time when we broke up a let another guy leave a hickey on my neck...and he still sometimes brings it up when we are playing the blame game...but I thought we moved past it but he end up almost f***ing his x a couple days ago which really hurt and he said he doesn't know why he did it...but he still loves please some advice
And when I got upset he said that the hickey thing is exactly the same...and that he doesn't like that I think to much in to things, and I'm so insecure
..and that he hates that I look through his phone, I then tell him that I'm like this because of you...and I want to get better but if he isn't helping to build my trust back up how am is it gonna get better
Can you love someone and still cheat on them?


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  • Yes, I believe you can still love someone and cheat on them. Do I believe you should ever be in a relationship with someone who cheats? No.

    Relationships aren't built solely on love. Relationships are built on love, intimacy and TRUST. When you kill the trust, you kill the intimacy; when you kill the intimacy, you kill the love. When the love is gone, you have nothing.

    Your relationship is a dead end. Move on and try to not make similar mistakes in the future.


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  • this is a dumb relationship[p absolutely stupid. you don't need a boyfriend you need a dog

  • Yes it is possible, 30 to 50% of women cheat on their partners, about 10% of children born are not to their parnters, monogamy is a myth if you need to see other people to keep the relationship going great, if he feels the same great also, if you can't be in an open relationship and don't like the idea of him seeing other girls while you are doing the same and worried he will leave you it will only be a matter of time till you get caught. If you do get caught he will maybe leave you or start seeing other girls...


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  • if there is no trust, then you and your boyfriend are involved in a dead end relationship. But I think you should explain why you cheated so that he understands where you're coming from. Also, cheating is never the answer to solve a problem when you feel like someone isn't treating you right. If you truly love him, you wouldn't hurt him in one of the most painful ways. talk it out with him, tell him your expectations. If he can't meet them, I would say deal with it or just move on to someone who makes you happy. never cheat. you'll only make your situation worse.


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