What are some communication boundaries Catholics have when they go to the hospital?

I have a group project to do about communication boundaries ever religion have when they go to the hospital.

Example: some religions can't be touch by the opposite sex, therefore they seek same sex doctors.

But I need help on some about Catholics...so if you have some info please let me know..thanks.


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  • There are very few as far as I know. Most Catholics respect medical doctors and will seek out catholic hospitals in their area if they are able. Catholics do not have any boundaries on seeing doctors of the opposite sex and will usually trust medical professionals to maintain their professional boundaries.

    Most operations and medicines are open to Catholics with the exception of abortions. Although the Catholic church opposes almost all forms on birth-control a large majority of catholics still use them.

    • Thank you thank you thank you!

  • None that I'm aware of & I went to 12 years of Catholic school.

    One of the best hospitals where I use to live was Rush Presbyterian.

    There are catholic priests there to visit the sick & pray with them & give them communion.

    If there were restrictions why would a catholic priest be there?

    FYI there were also clergy from other religions there too.

    Isn't it about finding the best care for yourself?

    Isn't that why God put these Dr.s' here on earth?

    It almost sounds silly to say I can't have the best Dr. because they aren't the same sex?


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