Guy is completely ignoring me, how can I move on?

I reconnected with an ex. At first I was the love of his life until he started distancing and his emotionally abusive/naracissist side shone through. He started to get back into addictions and has become completely emotionless. Because of past abandonment issues (which he knows I have) I've acted in ways I don't like and have been over emotional and needy because he will abandon me and treat me poorly. When he drinks he is emotionally abusive borderline physical.

The other night I told him if he doesn't show up in some way I'm giving up on him and he hasn't texted me back for days. I finally texted him telling him he needs to tell me what's going on so I can move on/block him/ do what I need to do. In case he keeps ignoring me and chooses to be immature how the hell can I move on from that? Someone just completely ghosting me who said not too long ago that I'm the love of his life and he'd marry me?


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  • it's hard to reconnect with ex. specially with past painful experience.


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